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You can't stop us
Meitä ei voi pysäyttää
Meitä ei voi eheyttää
Erilainen rakastaja ei oo synti
Meidän rakkaus ei oo tyhjäkäynti
Meitä ei voi pysäyttää
Meitä ei voi eheyttää
Erilainen rakastaja ei oo synti
Meidän rakkaus ei oo tyhjäkäynti
"Ruma, häpeä, vammanen"
Niitä aina nuorena kuulin
Usein kostu kyynelrauhanen
Itteeni inhosin ja sisällä huusin:
Aina yksin ja tylsää viikonloppuisin
Vasta myöhemmin selkis mulle
Ei mussa vika ollut vaan kiusaajissa
Niitten aivot oli tukossa ja sydän lukossa
Nyt kaikille kiusatuille kailotan tän:
Älkää enää lannistuko ja olko hädissään
Te täydellisinä synnyitte
Erilaisuutta syleilkää!
Meitä ei voi pysäyttää
Meitä ei voi eheyttää
Erilainen rakastaja ei oo synti
Meidän rakkaus ei oo tyhjäkäynti
Meitä ei voi pys
:iconmkn1990:mkn1990 1 0
Broken, betrayed part 2
Zoisite was running in the dark corridors, guilt shading his mind.
'Kunzite-sama', he was thinking.'Oh, Kunzite-sama, I'm so sorry. Please, don't do anything.'
How could he have fallen into a trap like an idiot? He should have suspected something when queen Beryl had summoned him to her private bedroom and offered him a glass of wine. She had put some drug into the wine, because after Zoisite had tasted it, his head started spinning and everything went black. And when he had resuscitated, he was in the bed with the queen! She had drugged and raped him! How that could have happened? Right after Zoisite had woken up, he rushed off from the bed and went to the bathroom to vomit. He was so disgusted. Sleeping with a woman and betraying his beloved Kunzite.
"Your lover-boy wasn't pleased after what he saw", Beryl snickered while watching Zoisite, who froze after hearing her voice."Well, it his problem."
Qickly Zoisite had run out from the room to look for Kunzite. Beryl, that heartless witc
:iconmkn1990:mkn1990 1 5
Broken, betrayed part 1
"He has never loved you. Can't you see? How blind and foolish are you?"
The words of queen Beryl were echoing in Kunzite's mind, when he glared at his reflection in the mirror and punched it into shards with a single blow. The shards sticked his hand making it bleed. He stared at his smarting, bloody hand, but the smarting was nothing compared to the pain, that was now slashing his heart.
"Zoisaito...", Kunzite whispered. He fell on his knees and began sob. Tears were slowly falling on the floor. It had been years since Kunzite had cried, but for the first time in years it was impossible for him to keep his sorrow in hide.
"Never loved me", he said in a sobbing, miserable tone. It all happened so fast. Kunzite had received a summon from queen Beryl to come to her private bedroom. It was unusual from the queen. Normally she always summoned her generals to her throne room. Nevertheless, Kunzite obeyed the order and went to Beryl's bedroom. When he had opened the door and noticed queen's
:iconmkn1990:mkn1990 1 0
Waiting for so long
Zoisite and Kunzite were lying quietly in their room in Rei's temple. Pearl and others had already retreated to sleep in their own rooms and there was quiet in the temple. Kunzite saw a starry sky from an open window and he didn't hear anything but the beating of his heart and the deep breath of his beloved. They still had their clothes on, but Zoisite had been tired  and was now resting leaning against Kunzite's chest and Kunzite's arm was around his shoulder.
Kunzite sighed."This is what it used to be", he thought."The time when we were free and we could only love and enjoy our life without distance and duties. Is it possible have that back?"
As if Zoisite had read Kunzite's thoughts, he slowly opened his eyes, looked at Kunzite and said:"Kunzite, do you remember the times before the war? When we had each others and we could slowly enjoy our nights. We didn't have to prove ourselves to anyone, we were free just as our own selves."
Kunzite smiled."I remember that", he said."I wis
:iconmkn1990:mkn1990 1 8
Mature content
Nothing has changed :iconmkn1990:mkn1990 0 0
Mature content
How to make Zoisite relent? :iconmkn1990:mkn1990 1 0
One in a million
Zoisite and Kunzite were watching their baby daughter Pearl sleeping in a cradle. Their eyes were full of pride and love and Kunzite wrapped his arm around Zoisite's shoulder.
"She has your eyes and hair, Kunzite", Zoisite said dreamingly.
Kunzite kissed gently his husband's ear and whispered:"Anyone can have a white hair and silver eyes, but there is no one in this world, who could have a heart like you, Zoisite. You and Pearl are one in a million."
:iconmkn1990:mkn1990 1 0
I wish I have a dreamIt was
I wish I have a dream
It was an evening in Golden Kingdom. The full moon was shining brightly when lord Kunzite was standing in the palace's balcony, looking distant. When his friend, lord Zoisite, found him, he saw a melancholy look on older man's face.
"Is something wrong, Kunzite-sama?", Zoisite asked.
"I wish I weren't this cold", Kunzite answered."I wish I had a dream. Something I would fight for, something I would love, cherish and protect."
Kunzite didn't dare to reveal, that Zoisite was his dream, his reason to breathe. He was afraid Zoisite would turn him down and think he's sick.
But to his surprise, Zoisite asked shyly:"Can... Can I tell my own dream, Kunzite-sama?"
"Sure", Kunzite said.
The copper-haired youth blushed, when he said:"My dream is... You wouldn't hate me when I say... I love you."
Just as soon he had said it, the boy felt strong arms pulling him close to Kunzite's chest.
"I now have a dream", Kunzite said gently and looked into younger general's eyes. Zoisite
:iconmkn1990:mkn1990 2 5
It's magic
Kunzite was sitting on a couch and bouncing his daughter Pearl on his lap. 1,5-year-old girl was laughing.
"Show a magic trick, daddy", Pearl asked for.
Kunzite smiled."As you wish, little princess", he said and conjured to his hand a white rose without thorns so that Pearl wouldn't get hurt.
"Pretty!", Pearl said in delight and Kunzite gave the rose to her.
"It reminds of you", Kunzite said. When Pearl was sniffing the pure-colored rose, her hands glowed faint white light and white rose petals began fall on them.
"Huh?", Pearl wondered.
Kunzite chuckled."You learn quickly, little one", he said and one of the petals fell right on his nose. Pearl climbed on her father's lap and blew the petal from his nose. They laughed, and then they heard someone coming into the room.
"Is something fun going on?", Zoisite asked and when he saw white rose petals in the room, he gasped in delight.
"Pearl did this", Kunzite said and Zoisite picked up his small daughter.
"What a beautiful surprise you gav
:iconmkn1990:mkn1990 1 0
A Sad Story
Six-year-old Mike has lived his entire life in the children's home. He has never lived in a real family.
He ended up to custody right after his birth, because his mother was an alcoholic. He was diagnosed with Tourette syndrome at the young age, which has made it difficult for him to get a family.
Many couples have passed Mike over, because they are looking for the perfect, flawless child, who "is not too old".
Mike is growing and he is afraid he becomes so old nobody wants him to the family.
Mike's biggest dream is to get parents, who love him as his own self and help him, who feed him and play with him, who tuck him in and chase the monsters away, and who celebrate Christmas and birthdays with him.
One day, two men called David and Jim come to the children's home and want to adopt Mike as soon as they see him, but children's home's social worker says to them:
"You can't have Mike. Poor boy has suffered enough and I won't allow two men to raise him. He needs a REAL home."
During the f
:iconmkn1990:mkn1990 0 9
I love you Naru goodbye
*Wish I could be the one
The one who could give you love
The kind of love you really need*
Naru Osaka, you have changed me. Thanks to you I have learnt about wonders and joys of the human heart. But also the sorrows and aches.
*Wish I could say to you
That I'll always stay with you
But baby that's not me*
I really wish with all my heart I could be with you. That I could make you happy. But it will never work. I have never loved anyone so how could I give you true love you deserve?
*You need someone
Willing to give their heart and soul to you
Promise you forever
Baby, that's something I can't do*
You are so wonderful and sweet girl. A lying crook like me is not worth your love.
*Oh, I could say that I'll be all you need
But that would be a lie
I know I only hurt you
I know I only make you cry
I'm not the one you're needing
I love you, goodbye*
How many times have I used you? How many tears have I made you shed? You don't deserve a man like that. You're too sweet to suffer.
*I hope somed
:iconmkn1990:mkn1990 6 5
Nephrite and Naru's Moonlight Shadow
*The last that ever she saw him
Carried away by a moonlight shadow
He passed on worried and warning
Carried away by a moonlight shadow*
Nephrite felt so warm in my arms until he faded away under the night sky. That night will always stay in my mind.
*Lost in a riddle that Saturday night
Far away on the other side
He was caught in the middle of a desperate fight
And she couldn't find how to push through*
We were just laughing in the park, when suddenly three demons appeared and before I knew it, thorns impaled Nephrite's chest and I could see blood. I just tried to save him with all my strength. He begged me to leave, but I couldn't leave him die.
*The trees that whisper in the evening
Carried away by a moonlight shadow
Sing the song of sorrow and grieving
Carried away by a moonlight shadow*
My heart was bleeding, when I saw him in pain. I tried everything to help him, but it was too late. I still remember his touch on my cheek and his faint smile before he left to Heaven. I cried and b
:iconmkn1990:mkn1990 7 5
The Abandoned wish
A micro fanfiction for Nephrite.
The story:
During Silver Millenium lord Nephrite had everything: he was one of the Four Generals of Earth Kingdom, wealthy, handsome and respected.
But with all those privileges came a price - an arranged marriage to keep the peace between the Earth and the Moon. His future wife was beautiful and gentle, but he already knew another girl, who had more beautiful heart. It could never be approved - between a general and a poor village girl.
Why would anyone even want him? The poor and weak man, who was about to die. He noticed it one day, when he hurt his hand during fencing practice. Poison green. That was the color of his blood. Something had gotten inside him and was slowly killing him.
"If they find out, they will think I'm weak", Nephrite thought."The great general lord Nephrite can't defend himself from a small danger. If only there was some way, so that I could tell to Naru how much I need her. I don't care if the Devil takes my soul for eternity. I
:iconmkn1990:mkn1990 3 0
KunZoi: The First Time
A young man with emerald green-eyes was sitting on the lap of the older man, who was brushing the younger one's long, wavy golden-copper hair with a silver hairbrush. It was night and a full moon cast its pale light through the window into the bedroom, where the couple was sitting on the large bed.
The moonlight caught the older man's long, silky, white hair and made it glow. The copper-haired youth sighed, when he gazed lovingly into the white-haired man's silvery eyes, and he rested his delicate face on the older one's chest.
"Kunzite..." the copper-head murmured.
"Zoisite..." the white-haired man whispered and stroked tenderly the youth's copper crown. His head was resting on Zoisite's head, when he felt the youth rubbing his collarbones with his smooth, warm face. Kunzite blushed deep red and suddenly Zoisite caught his lips with a passionate kiss. Kunzite sighed and put his arms around Zoisite, pulling him on the bed.
Zoisite lay on the top of Kunzite and continued kissing, while
:iconmkn1990:mkn1990 2 21
When I met the Groke
English version
The summer Sun was beating down, when I was walking in Moomin Valley's woods. I tried desperately to look for a shady, cool place safe from the Sun. My head was aching and my mouth was dry, and I hadn't remembered to take a hat or a water bottle along.
"Soon I will sure faint", I talked alone.
When breathing heavily, I noticed as amazed, that my breath evaporated like in the Winter and suddenly I felt ice cold.
"Hrr! now it became frost", I said.
I wondered, how in the Summer, when the Sun was heating, it might became frost. I then heard a weird sound. I don't know how to describe it. It sounded like someone was pulling something heavy, that touched ice. In any case, the big eyes and a line of grinning teeth appeared from behind the trees and a big-nosed creature wearing a violet robe slided slowly by me.
The Groke.
My heart jumped from fear, when I saw the Groke, but somehow I also felt sorry for it. Some people have talked about a dreadful monster, but although the Gr
:iconmkn1990:mkn1990 1 2
Kunzite and Zoisite: The Balcony Scene
A man with long, white hair was lying peacefully on a large, white bed. The sun had just risen and fresh morning rays were shedding light on the bedroom. The man opened his silver eyes and caught up the smell of fresh morning air with apple tree flowers and cherry blossoms. He got up and saw a young man with long, wavy, red-copper hair standing on the small balcony and looking at the garden.
"Zoisite," the white-haired man called the youth.
"Good morning, Kunzite-sama," the copper-haired boy said and looked at Kunzite with emerald-green eyes."The garden is very beautiful now."
Kunzite smiled and kissed gently Zoisite."The night was wonderful", Kunzite said,"but we'd better prepare. Master Endymion is waiting for us."
"Hai", Zoisite answered. He watched how Kunzite walked down the small stairs from the balcony to the garden. When Kunzite was passing the balcony, Zoisite said:"Kunzite-sama, why did you fall in love with me?" Kunzite stopped walking and stood in front of the balcony watch
:iconmkn1990:mkn1990 2 5


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